Thursday, May 22, 2014

Author! Author! (#9)

Gimme Gimme Green Chile! (#10)

Green chiles roasting.

The Texture of Capitol Hill. (#42)

Dome-da-dome-dome! Dome-da-dome-dome-dome! (#65)

From A Western Capitol Hill:

A mandala-like pattern spins. In his mind’s eye, Garrett finds himself back at the Capitol. He rises skywards towards the Capitol dome, up past the portraits of the Presidents of the United States on the third floor. Like saltwater taffy impersonating Chubby Checker, his brain twists, twists, and twists again. His mind whirls like a Dervish on a merry-go-round.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Season's Greetings From A Western Capitol Hill.

16th Street Mall Wreath.

Angels We Have Heard Mile High.

A Germanic tradition. Hanging out at the "Christ Child Market."

Capitol (under construction) reflected in the protective barrier of the City and County Building's Nativity Scene.

Christmas Lights! Cameras! Action!

Skating Away at Skyline Park.

Home for the Holidays?

Statue dreaming of an erect Xmas tree.

Cup Runneth Over -- With Snow.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Texture of Capitol Hill. (#41)

 From A Western Capitol Hill:

The #15 bus creeps west along East Colfax Avenue towards the Capitol. Loud enough for everyone else onboard to overhear, a voice announces, “You know Colfax is the longest street in the United States?”

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Día de los Muertos 2013.

Exhibition in Denver celebrating the works of José Guadalupe Posada, whose iconic imagery has become associated with Day of the Dead celebrations:

From my novel A Western Capitol Hill:

Garrett’s mind takes leave of his body, hovering over Cheesman Park. The park’s green, grassy plots crumble open, extruding the dead from underneath the ground. They begin to dance. Some skeletons hold picnics. Some sunbathe in the nude. Some ride in carriages being pulled by the skeletons of horses. Some shoot the skeletons of birds from the sky. Some tend dead roses. It looks like a collection of Día de los Muertos engravings by Posada come to life.

Hopefully, Posada would approve.

Day of the Dead-inspired cannabis skull in the window of a Capitol Hill greeting card and tchotchke shop:

Very Mile-High-Cityesque.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Season's Greetings From A Western Capitol Hill.

Christmas tree in front of the Tiffany stained glass at Downtown Denver's historic Equitable Building.

Candle-carrying Christmas Carolers evangelizing through Xmas songs -- on 12/12/12, no less.

Baby Jesus nativity display at Denver City and County building. The figure to the left of Jesus just proves that the Wise Men came from near and far from the Middle East, in order to witness the miraculous child.

 "Merry Christmas" says Denver's City and County Building.

"Peace On Earth 2012." A nice thought, at least.

Xmas lights in front of flag at half-mast.

Red shoes left behind in the snow.

 O Cannabaum, O Cannabaum! Xmas tree lot next to a Medical Marijuana Center in Denver.

 Author! Author! Colorado's marijuana legalization this year makes it a Green Christmas.

 The Grinch Who Stole Cohibas.

 Sign defacement: a Holiday Tradition?

 Umbrellas in the snow. A Denverite who'll always have Paris.

 I'm Dreaming of a White Golden Dome.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Texture of Capitol Hill. (#39)

The Trains. (#2)

From A Western Capitol Hill:

On Capitol Hill, you can hear the trains. Garrett notices their distant sounds, especially in the early a.m. They call out from that space in-between sleep and wakefulness. Between dream and reality. Between bittersweet pre-work freedom and the need for the infoworker to prepare—by grinding the beans, dripping the espresso, and showering the drip—for the office grind.

Dome-da-dome-dome! Dome-da-dome-dome-dome! (#62)