Monday, June 25, 2007

The Business Section. (#1)

Here's a photo of one of the most recognizable, neon bar signs on East Colfax Avenue:

For a couple of years at the advent of the 1960s, the Satire Lounge hosted live music. Reportedly, the Smothers Brothers played there regularly, living in an apartment above the bar. According to historian Phil Goodstein, one irregular who showed up at the Satire to play his brand of Woody Guthrie folk got "hissed out of the place": Bob Dylan, in 1960, at one of his earliest gigs on the road. But did that stop eighteen-year-old Bob D. from ever playing again? Did he say in that whiny, nasal voice of his, "Oh, these lousy Denverites! I'm taking my harmonica holder and heading on back to Hibbing, MN!"? Of course not!

The days of live music are over at the Satire, but the drinks and Mexican food keep coming.

Using SketchUp software, my friend Tom Lundin has created some great drawings of the Satire Lounge's signage:

The satirical novel A Western Capitol Hill salutes the Satire Lounge.

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