Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shooting at the Colorado State Capitol.

Photo: Have you heard the news? Press-conference podium, post-shooting.
On Monday I met up with a friend, in order to give him a copy of A Western Capitol Hill to critique.

“Did you hear about the gunman in the Governor’s office today?” he asked.

At that point in time, I hadn’t.

Apparently, a mentally-unhinged man wearing a tuxedo entered the Governor’s office and declared, "I am the emperor. I am here to take over state government." Naturally, that set off some alarm bells.

When a State Patrol officer confronted him in a Capitol hallway, the man allegedly opened his jacket, displaying a firearm. (Traditionally, there haven't been metal detectors or guards at any of the doors into the Capitol.) The man didn’t draw his weapon, but he continued to approach the officer after twice being ordered to stop. The State Patrol officer shot the man twice in the chest and once in the head, killing him.

In my book, a key scene involves a melee at the Capitol. Gunshots are fired. Someone dies.

I wouldn’t say that Monday's shooting is an example of life imitating art – or art imitating life.

No, it’s more like life and art existing simultaneously in a truly bizarre dyad.

Photo: The office of the Governor of Colorado.

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