Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Business Section. (#3)

Scooter Liquors on East Colfax Avenue. Capitol Hill's best-known, drive-through liquor store. (The drive-up counter is just past the sign with the scooter atop it in the photo above.)

And Capitol Hill loves its liquor, that's for sure. Men's Health magazine recently named Denver the nation's most "Dangerously Drunk City."

(Come to think of it, Denver loves scooters, too. Even the Mayor, a brewpub entrepreneur, rides one.)

I've never heard of drive-through liquor stores referred to locally, though, as "brew thrus" or any of the other, colorful terms that they're known by Down South.

Denverites may not be able to buy wine or full-strength beer at supermarkets. We may not be able to buy booze at liquor stores, at all, on Sundays. But, Monday through Saturday, we can pull up to the counter of a drive-through liquor store and ask for Tokay wine to-go.

BREAKING NEWS (4/22/08): Goodbye, blue law! Starting in July, liquor stores in Colorado will be allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. On April 14, the Governor signed the legislation into effect.

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