Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jammin' On Traffic. (#2)

In essence, the Denver Police Department's "Blame the Pedestrian" ad appearing on an RTD bus. It depicts a man talking on a cell phone as he crosses a street on a red light, about to be hit by a car.

But when is the Denver Police Department going to put up billboards for motorists saying, "The GREEN Light Means Pedestrians Can Cross A Street Without Being Threatened By Drivers"?

From A Western Capitol Hill:

Garrett narrowly avoids hitting a blind man with a red-tipped cane who is cursing into a cell phone while J-walking across the street. Garrett mutters to himself, "Come on, man! Do you want to wind up ‘handi-capable’ in more ways than one?"

Even for sighted pedestrians, crossing a Denver street means taking one’s life into one’s own hands. Crosswalks and rights-of-way, be damned.

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