Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lobbyists Welcome.

Sign in restaurant window on Capitol Hill.

From my novel A Western Capitol Hill:

Now, you may be an ordinary tax-paying Coloradan who’s just scraping by. Or, you might just happen to be a multi-national corporation with billions in assets. Either way, when issues come up that could impact you – and, in particular, your livelihood – you’re sure as hell going to want your opinion heard by your elected officials in this most representative of representative governments. If you can afford it, you hire a lobbyist to plead your case before the state legislature.

Who doesn’t need a lobbyist these days? School districts hire them. So do towns, cities, and counties. The agricultural industry. Pharmaceutical companies. Oil and natural-gas businesses. Breweries. Insurance companies. Associations of retired, colored, or diseased people—and their doctors. Even lawyers who provide lobbying services need to hire lobbyists.

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