Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rally Your Troops! (#6)

By all accounts (and here's one), this past Saturday's Columbus Day Parade here in Denver turned out to be relatively subdued. While there were some protesters, there weren't any mass arrests this year.

Here are photos from a couple different years:

Italian-Americans and supporters prepare to march.

Activist and actor Russell Means being arrested during a protest.

Protester holding a bloody doll.

From my fictional novel A Western Capitol Hill:

He took his place among the protesters at the annual Columbus Day Parade. Why oh why, wouldn’t the organizers of the parade just change the name of the thing to “Italian Pride Day”? That would be acceptable, even to most Indians. Why rub it in: the genocide that Columbus instigated with his misaligned voyage?

Women with braided grey hair held toy dolls with fake blood on them aloft. Students shouted angry slogans. Some of the Indian men communally gripped a large drum covered with deerskin and beat rhythmically on it. Silvio spied that famous Indian actor and activist – he couldn’t remember his name – walking by, as he protested the nation’s oldest Columbus Day Celebration, followed by a contingent of the press looking for quotes as meaty as meatballs and snapping photos.

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