Sunday, January 11, 2009

Xmas Lights and Nativity Scene. (#2)

From my novel A Western Capitol Hill:

Denver’s City and County Building sits opposite the Colorado State Capitol, across a couple of major four-lane streets and swaths of urban park. It’s a solemn site, the location of Denver’s courts and the Mayor’s office.

On its grey exterior, though, thousands of red, green, and blue Christmas lights still illuminate the pasty edifice at night. It’s Tradition: the Hands of Time haven’t stopped the overboard display–complete with nativity scene–from returning each year. Nor have the legal challenges put forth by the grumblers and atheists affiliated with the Separation of Church and State Foundation.

But being January, the multicolored bulbs covering the building will soon be taken down. So will the manger and the large figurines of the Three Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

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