Saturday, December 22, 2012

Season's Greetings From A Western Capitol Hill.

Christmas tree in front of the Tiffany stained glass at Downtown Denver's historic Equitable Building.

Candle-carrying Christmas Carolers evangelizing through Xmas songs -- on 12/12/12, no less.

Baby Jesus nativity display at Denver City and County building. The figure to the left of Jesus just proves that the Wise Men came from near and far from the Middle East, in order to witness the miraculous child.

 "Merry Christmas" says Denver's City and County Building.

"Peace On Earth 2012." A nice thought, at least.

Xmas lights in front of flag at half-mast.

Red shoes left behind in the snow.

 O Cannabaum, O Cannabaum! Xmas tree lot next to a Medical Marijuana Center in Denver.

 Author! Author! Colorado's marijuana legalization this year makes it a Green Christmas.

 The Grinch Who Stole Cohibas.

 Sign defacement: a Holiday Tradition?

 Umbrellas in the snow. A Denverite who'll always have Paris.

 I'm Dreaming of a White Golden Dome.

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